Lashr is the premier place online for consenting adults to find and book personal services.

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What Makes Lashr Hookup Great?

Lashr Bookings

As a client, you get to choose, book a variety of services and pay in a secured way.

Lashr’s booking technology provides the smoothest way to book and receive a service eliminating any disputes.

Lashr bookings

Lashr Cash

Pay for services conveniently on Lashr using your Lashr Cash

Earn money globally by offering services on Lashr

Lashr Cash
Lashr bookings

Lashr Escrow

Lashr holds your deposit until the Foxen has delivered your selected services successfully

Lashr’s Escrow provides Trust As a Service.

Lashr feed

Lashr Feed

See real time quality contents from your favorite Foxens in the Lashr Feed.

Using the Lashr Feed, Foxens can build a following and engage their fans.

User Verification

Only users with a verified account can book or be booked. This ensures safety and trueness of identities on Lashr.

What you see on people’s profile is what you get!

Lashr bookings

Spam Filtering

As a Foxen, only clients who have booked your services can contact you. Say goodbye to the days of time wasters.

Spam filtering

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